The State of Play

This walk has been quite an adventure! Please find my day-by-day journal on the blog or Facebook page. While I am off the road injured the Drug Free Kids campaign goes on! Please keep the donations coming in. The music competition (see the video to the right) also still goes on. I now also have my own radio show that goes out weekly in several countries: find out about that also on the blog or Facebook page. Here's to a drug free future!

The Project

 Walking the Walk

I am a grandad of 63 years of age and my goal is to walk the coast of Britain. I started this challenge on the 1st of May 2015,  when I left my home town of East Grinstead, walked down to the sea at Brighton, turned left and just kept walking. As of this update, eight weeks have gone by in which I have walked roughly twenty miles a day.

I have walked along the coast of Sussex, around the coast of Kent, up the coast of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and I have just arrived in Scotland having complete 1000 miles!

When I complete this 4000 mile walk, so far as I know, at the age of 63, I will be the oldest person ever to have done it and only a few people of any age have ever done it at all.

I hope you will share in my adventure.  I will update the blog as often as possible so that you can follow my progress from day to day.

As you can imagine, this walk is an extremely gruelling challenge for a man of my age but I am doing it for a cause I consider well worth giving everything I've got. That cause is the campaign for Drug Free Kids, to provide children with an effective education about drugs that will stack the odds firmly in favour of their being able to come safely through the minefield of temptation and peer pressure and make their own informed choices to remain drug free.

It  is important that no child misses out on that education and that is why I am making a supreme effort to support the campaign for Drug Free Kids. Please make all this effort worthwhile and support this campaign with a donation. Let's give our kids a fighting chance of getting through the minefield safely and remaining drug free!


The Purpose

Let's reach the kids!

My walk is in aid of the Drug Free Kids crusade of former British Thai boxing champion, Peter Dwan. Peter's powerful "Truth about Drugs" talks in schools across the country reach kids before the dealers do with true facts about drugs that enable them to make their own informed decisions not to do drugs.

It is vital that no child misses out and all kids can benefit from this crucial education - but there is a limit to how many children Peter can talk to directly in any given year. To overcome the problem, we have the Drug Free Kids campaign to supply all schools with videos of Peter's talks and seminars to train teachers in how to successfully present the truth about drugs to children.

Peter's talks and the Drug Free Kids campaign to ensure no child misses out on them present us with the way forward to a drug-free UK. Find out more about why I am making such a huge personal effort to help Peter reach the kids before the dealers do. 


TLB-radio2With strong support for The Liberty Beacon (TLB), the US-based global alternative media network, the Walk the Kingdom crusade is reaching far beyond the shores of the UK.

The Liberty Beacon now features a weekly show called "Walking the Kingdom" that is co-hosted by TLB founder Roger Landry and Drug Free Kids founder Pete Dwan and in which I give an update on my progress around the coast. For the shows already aired in this series, go to

The show focuses on drug education and the massive potential of the Drug Free Kids campaign  for eradicating the drugs problem by empowering children - and their parents and teachers - with the knowledge they need to make informed pro-survival choices so far as drugs are concerned.

The show also highlights the importance of this cost-effective approach for our children and grandchildren - not just for the UK but for all the nations of Earth. I can think of no better summation of this crucial issue and what has inspired me to take on this task than this half-hour broadcast. Please give it a listen by clicking the picture.



1st May 2015 – The beginning